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Christmas Club Accounts

It can be pretty hard to come up with the money for your Christmas shopping (and, for some, holiday travel expenses) all at once. A lot of smart DCTFCU members save for the big day all year long through our Christmas Club. And, with payroll deduction and direct deposit, it couldn't be easier! (You can make your deposits in person or by mail, too, of course.) You can open a Christmas Club Account at anytime of the year. Your deposits to the account over the course of the year will need to total at least $100.

A check for the amount you've saved plus dividends will be mailed to you by October 15th. Checks are mailed to the address on file; be sure yours is correct. If you prefer, your holiday savings can be transferred directly into your DCTFCU share draft account or share account.

Here's what you'll save over 26 paydays - not counting dividends:

At $5 a payday - you'll save $130.
At $10 a payday - you'll save $260.
At $15 a payday - you'll save $390.
At $20 a payday - you'll save $520.
At $25 a payday - you'll save $650.

Use our Savings Calculator to find out what your total savings with the dividends would be.

Christmas Club Accounts are automatically renewed each year. To increase the amount of your deduction from your paycheck, you must complete new payroll allotment forms. Forms are available at the credit union.

See our current rates.

Print out this application for a Christmas Club account and return it to the credit union in person, by mail or by fax. Be sure to indicate the amount of your payroll deduction to be credited to this account each payday.

See our current service charges

Account Terms, Disclosures & Agreements


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