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Youth Savings Accounts

Kids Can Join, Too!
There is no minimum age requirement for membership in D.C. Teachers Federal Credit Union. If you're eligible to join our credit union, so are your children, grandchildren and stepchildren, no matter what their ages.

Ordinarily, one must open a DCTFCU share account with an initial deposit of at least $100, along with a $5 membership fee, to become a DCTFCU member. For those under 18, however, there's no fee and the minimum deposit is a "kid-friendly" $5. They then have until they're 18 to deposit $100. Once a young person has opened his or her account, he or she can then make withdrawals and deposits and earn dividends, the same as any other Regular Share Account holder.

It's easy enough for a child to learn to spend money. A DCTFCU share account can help them learn to save it.

See our current rates.

To open a Youth Savings Account, print out this application for membership and submit it with your initial deposit of at least $5. Return it to the credit union in person or by mail. Be sure to indicate the family relationship that makes you eligible for membership.

Use our College Savings Calculator to find out whether you're saving enough for your child's college education.

Use our Savings Calculator to find out what your dividend earnings will be over a specified period of time or the amount you have to deposit today to have a targeted amount in the future.

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